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Octagon Trade Review

The price of BTC has hit new highs and it could probably last a solid year or more. That being said, people, of course, would hear about this BTC ‘thing’ and start buying their own share of this coveted cryptocurrency. The hype would multiply the coin’s value over a thousand times, which would naturally lead people to channels that distribute Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency of their choosing.

Today we will take a look at one of the websites that act as both a BTC trading and trading platform. We are talking about Octagon Trade. We’ll take a look at what they have for us, what their background is, what their features are, how to drop off and all that fun stuff! Without further ado, let’s talk about it!

The website was established in 2014 and is today one of the largest exchange sites in Europe.

Verification at OctagonTrade

Now that we’ve talked about their background, let’s create an account with them. To create an account, go to their Octagon Trade website and click on the Sign Up tab located at the top of the home page. Once you’ve clicked on the sign-up tab, a separate tab will be provided with an option to choose which method you want to use, but there’s actually only one choice – provide an email. active.

At this point, we figured the website had no problem creating an account anonymously. Once an email has been provided, you will be prompted to indicate that they have sent a confirmation email to the specified address. The confirmation is pretty quick and should arrive in your mail a few seconds after clicking on it. Surprisingly, the recording is not yet complete. After clicking on the confirmation email, you will be taken to their website with the fields you need to provide. This includes your username, password and personal PIN, your country of origin and your preferred currency.

Trading with Octagon Trade

Now we come to the most interesting part of the review which is their trading platform. Our first impression is that the website’s trading platform is properly designed and looks pretty much like the usual trading websites today as the main tabs are located on the left side of the platform. Not shown in the screenshot, but at the top left of the candle chart the market and currencies can be seen.

To buy or sell, you just need to provide the amount you want to buy and the platform will automatically provide you with the amount of BTC you will receive after their conversion rate is processed. The latest trades can be seen on the right side of the platform along with the buy rate, the trade’s BTC amount, and when the trade took place.

Below, all of your orders will be listed once they have been placed. It would have been better to have a test account, but it looks like their website doesn’t have this feature. Their exchange platform is really informative and easy to use with no issues when it comes to the website’s responsiveness as there was no delay when we went through it.

Conclusion of the Octagon Trade Review

Overall, Octagon Trade is great because they have flexible deposit options to choose from, which is always great for exchanging websites



The post OctagonTrade Review appeared first on octagontrade.net.

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